The Peoplezest team talks to hundreds of candidates each year. Most of these candidates are passive - not actively looking for a new job - so one of the most frequent questions we are asked is, “how do I grow my salary?" When you stay with the same company for three to five years you could be in a role that does not have rapid growth. In order to have growth the positions have to become available. So while you are collecting your small annual raise each year, make use of your time to set yourself up for salary growth.

We find that the people who have the most rapid growth in financial packages are the passive candidate. You cannot have new opportunities presented if don't take the time to listen! Continuous networking is key. Even if you are not ready to make a change, have your pulse on the industry and keep adding to your contacts. Building those relationships will benefit you and those around you.

Next, it is good to make a change in employment every three to five years. Of course, make sure the move is right and for the right reasons! Look at your growth in the financial package but also think about what skills you will be adding to your resume. Speaking of resumes, always have one you are working on and adding to! Besides growth in your salary, be sure you are adding skills to your resume.

And don't forget about the importance of education! Today there are property management degrees at several colleges. The graduating members of this degree plan tend to move up quickly in responsibilities and salary. If you know someone who is attending college, or looking for a degree plan that has job openings after graduation, property management is a good suggestion. There are many courses you can take advantage of through your local, state and national apartment associations as well. And always keep reading to stay current - there are so many articles just a click away!


AuthorMary Martin