Below are common questions you may come across in the interview process. We recommend you read through the questions and prepare your responses. You may even want to enlist a friend to facilitate a mock interview with the below questions.

  • Tell me about yourself? Your answer should be no more than two to three minutes. Be clear, concise and logical in your delivery. Pick a specific starting point, and if possible illustrate positives and accomplishments.

  • What has motivated you to seek another position? You want to be positive in your response about your current company and company leadership. Whatever your answer, be truthful but positive. One answer could be, “My current company has taken a turn in their business strategy. Their strategy no longer aligns with my goals and philosophy. Be prepared to answer a follow up question of what your goals and philosophy are. 

  • What are your most significant strengths? Be prepared with at least three specific strengths. You will want to give examples of the strengths with specific examples and quantifiable accomplishments. Discuss strengths that would be applicable to the open position. 

  • What weak areas do you have in your current position? Provide areas that you have identified and been working on to improve. You can actually turn it into a positive by going back to one of your strengths that assist you in limiting your weak areas. 

  • What do you like or dislike most about your current position? Be careful with your answer, specifically in the things you dislike. The interviewer is probing to see if there are potential obstacles with their open position. Instead, utilize this as an opportunity to talk about learned skills, challenges and areas of personal growth in your current position. 

  • What career accomplishment are you most proud of? This is an important answer. Your past performance and accomplishments are the best indicator of future performance! Prepare an answer that goes into each component that factored into, and lead to, the accomplishment and end result. Talk about the details and your personal involvement if it was a team accomplishment. End with how the accomplishment impacted the organization or business unit. 

  • How do you handle working in a stressful situation? It is important to illustrate your ability to perform in stressful situations. It is recommended that you provide a specific example of an accomplishment in a stressful situation, why it was stressful and the details of how you overcame the situation. 

  • What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in five years? Be honest and realistic with yourself. Where do you want to be in five years and communicate that answer to the interviewer. Be careful not to corner yourself into one specific job. Your answer should indicate that given the opportunity you would like to continue to improve your skills and be in a role allowing you to make an on-going contribution with greater responsibility. 

AuthorMary Martin